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Pomeroy Cellars

Pomeroy Cellars is my favorite boutique winery. A beautiful drive outside the city to Yacolt on Lucia Falls Road reveals a small winery with a big vision. The dream of the winemaker Dan and his wife Destany is a hidden gem on Pomeroy Farms. Carved out is land for the grapes that great you near the tasting room, with the expanse of trees on farm creates a beautiful setting to showcase the bold wines that always satisfy. The tasting room is an eclectic mix of cabernet walls and furniture that appears to be gently use with a fireplace that begs for a fire. The tasting at the bar is one of the most generous pours and reasonably price offerings I have experienced. The membership is also one of the most appealing of membership I have. The white wines delicate and complex are awaited with anticipation at their debut parties while the reds command your taste buds to attend. Some of their most anticipated events are diner in vineyard and summer events on the grounds of this beautiful property. Dan and Destany understand that it is about the experience as we can all find fine wine many places, although the combination of Fabulous wine with a Fabulous experience is a unique find. Take a drive from the city and enjoy the view, enjoy the wine and most of all enjoy the hospitality of Pomeroy Cellars.

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