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Burnt Bridge Winery

Burnt Bridge winery has some of the best wines for the price by the bottle and glass, especially for wine club members. Burnt Bridge has a brilliant wine maker with talents that exceed his current undertaking, although his personality lacks the same strengths as his wine. No sparkling wines and no sparkling personality. All grapes are sourced, yet the sources are Fabulous and only surpassed by the blends.

The building on the corner of Broadway and 15 in downtown Vancouver, is small with a challenge for seating. As a Premium Member for nearly a year now, Burnt Bridge appears to have outgrown its original plan. Housed with a cooking school that one of the owners runs and teaches, creates a cramped feeling when the overflow is forced to sit in the kitchen that does not have a wine bar feel. Burnt Bridge also suffers from the desperation of keeping a cash flow, flowing. On any random evening you might find activities such as fine paper folding (origami-?) or other types of crafts, none of which are associated with that of a traditional wine bar.

Opening only Thursdays thru Sundays, is yet another disappointment, especially if one is seeking to relax with a glass of wine or two, in the earlier part of the week.

The Burnt Bridge staff is some of the most accommodating in the industry and they're always willing to offer you a taste of whatever is opened that night. The owners are more reserved and much like the wine maker, they do not possess the sparkle needed for a wine bar. The food selection is somewhat limited, even though there is a cooking school on premise, a major flaw for Burnt Bridge, as wine is always better with food.

Burnt Bridge Wine bar will be much better when it decides to be better, as it has the potential to be Fabulous.

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